Tangle brings joy to remote work culture

We bridge the gap between existing remote collaboration tools with an intuitive, human-friendly, and expressive environment.

Tangle an office on a canvas

Our vision for the future of remote work

In our new, remote-first world, we are reimagining a more people-centric way to work. Tangle is a space built for human hearts and the myriad of ways they exist and maneuver through their lives. These values guide us…


It all started with a group of game designers searching for a better (and more fun) way to collaborate. And it’s been a wild ride ever since.

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The team behind Tangle

A curious collection of game industry vets focused on reimagining remote communication.

Alex Schwartz

Founder / CEO / Janitor

Cy Wise

Founder / COO / Raccoon

Andy Moore

CTO / Techromancer

Lyndsey Gallant

CCO / Heart Director

Scott Stephan

VP of Product

Noreen Rana

Principal UX Designer

Scott “Bones” Doxey

Web Engineer

Keenan Woodall

Mid Engineer / Juice Engineer

Anne-Elise Chung

Network Engineer

John Harris

Network Engineer / Intertube Wrangler

Tejas Shroff

Implementation Engineer

Nikola Odic

Senior Artist

Britt Kolar

Senior UI Artist / Chicken Tender

Paul Pedevillano

Fractional CFO

Kendra Wilson

People Ops

Christine Brual

Christine Brual

QA Lead

Rick Armstrong

Director of Product Marketing

Dan Wilson

Lead Engineer


Valerie Kolomiets

Lead Producer


Afeez Nosiru

DevOps Engineer


Lacey Maloch

Community Engagement Manager


Jenn Harrison – Contractor

QA Tester / Assistant

Stephen Gray

Stephen Gray – Contractor


Our Investors

These supportive VCs

Qualcomm Ventures

These experienced people

Eden Chen
CEO, Pragma

Nick Fajt
CEO, Recroom

Clive Downie
CMO, Unity

David Helgason
Founder, Unity

Timoni West
VP, Unity

Cam Myhrvold

Tom Sanocki
Pixar / Roblox

Zack Zaharis
Galaxy Interactive

Ralph Hauwert
VP, Unity

Aras Pranckevičius

Our Advisors

Patrick Curry
Disney / Unity / FarBridge

Perrin Kaplan
Zebra Partners

Anna Sweet
Valve / Facebook / Bad Robot Games

Kimberly Voll
Riot / Fair Play Alliance

JC Cimetiere
Product Marketing, Microsoft & Unity

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