Working closely from a distance is our specialty

We work from anywhere, united by our passion for natural human interaction with technology.

Our culture
Our culture

We love to create tech, but it’s more than that

We find joy in creating moments and memories together. Gut-busting laughs, candid conversations, creative breakthroughs – all of it. Together, we’ve created a team environment where great work and absolute silliness can coexist along with our obsession with cats.

We were struggling with the exact same meta-issues that I think *everyone* running a remote studio comes across– the trifecta of communication, calendar, and culture. So we made Tangle for ourselves! It’s meant to be a place you can seamlessly switch between working on your own, collaborating with others, and always feel like you are working as a team.
Cy Wise

Cy Wise
Tangle Founder & COO

I’ve been working remotely for ten years, and it never felt like I was really working with anyone. We just kinda did a regular check-in but otherwise worked solo. I love that Tangle isn’t just “software for meetings” – it’s a fun always-on hangout that makes me feel like I’m actually working with other people.
Andy Moore

Andy Moore

Tangle Chief Technology Officer

We encourage open, honest communication

We are an emotionally communicative team and are deeply mindful and considerate of each other. We strive to create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe to dive deep into creativity and problem-solving, without fear of judgment or failure.

Our culture

On this team, we value:

  • Celebrating others’ contributions
  • Progress over productivity
  • Speaking openly about mental health and boundaries
  • Open dialogue and learning from each other
  • Work-life balance, with an emphasis on life
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Diversity and inclusion are non-negotiables

We fundamentally believe in creating easy, joyful experiences that are truly built for everyone. To do this, we prioritize building a team of diverse humans with unique experiences, backgrounds, interests, and energy.
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We’re looking for new friends! Join us on Team Tangle.

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