Our story: Bringing the joy of gaming to the world of work

How Tangle was born

After selling VR gaming company Owlchemy Labs to Google, Alex Schwartz and Cy Wise set out on a new venture. They founded absurd:joy, a company dedicated to making remote communications more joyful. What began as internal tools to boost morale within their own remote team, quickly turned into Tangle.

We created Tangle for ourselves. After months of building games as a team with Tangle as our primary communication platform, our friends began begging us for access and we realized that sharing this tool could bring us, our friends, and many others in many industries, vastly more joy.

Cy Wise
Co-founder of Tangle

We put our VR experience to work

Virtual reality is all about spatial concepts. And while Tangle isn’t VR, we applied these concepts to create a persistent virtual space where rooms can be easily moved or anchored. Spatial audio even gives Tangle that coffee shop vibe, where you can have multiple conversations at the same time, all around the space.

The gaming perspective is a game-changer

As game developers, we view everything through the lens of fun. And we believe that when fun meets work, magic happens. And having fun leads to trust and trust leads to happier more engaged humans!

Tangle isn’t just for gamers, its for all collaborators

With early adoption from companies like Bad Robot Games, Redfin, and many more, we’re excited and energized. And determined to transform remote collaboration one Tangle at a time.