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Interactive Features Free Pro

Team Members

Invite teammates to a Tangle server to start collaborating in real-time.

Unlimited Servers

Create as many Tangle spaces as you and your team needs. With unlimited servers to collaborate in, the sky is the limit.


Create approachable, customizable, and expressive avatars that represent you, no matter how you want to show up to work. With over 500+ customizations (and counting), the joyful possibilities are endless!

Avatar Movements

Feel engaged with colleagues through avatar motions and reactions, like playful ‘marionette puppets’ that brings joy to your teams.

Shared Cursors

Switch to your Cursor and show others what you’re pointing to collaborate faster.


Let teammates know what you’re up to by writing status updates, whether you have something to say in a meeting, or you’ve stepped away for a few minutes.


Wave a friendly hello, goodbye, or raise a hand at your own level of urgency to ask a question during a busy meeting.


Show support to your teammates by showering them with some hearts from time to time, making it easy to feel connected in a digital space.

Environmental Volume Controls

Control the amount of ambient sound you hear in your remote workspace.

User Panel Volume Control

Adjust volumes of your teammates User Panels in case of background noise, audio feedback, or low (or loud!) talkers.

Local Time Zones

Hover over a teammates’ name to reveal their local time zone, so you can get an answer from a distributed teammate before they head out for the day.

On Camera Video

Show your face now and then when the time calls for it.


Display a presentation or walk teammates through a new user flow, all with a simple click of a button.

Navigation Free Pro

Unlimited Rooms

Create and customize as many rooms as you want. Whether they are teammate’s individual spaces or meeting rooms, it’s your blank canvas in Tangle!

Open/Closed Doors

Allow anyone to enter your room, experience swivel chair moments by overhearing conversations, or close the door for private chats and focus time.

Room Knocking

Knock on someone’s door if it’s closed, so you can be allowed into their room to discuss the next big idea.


Easily find teammates where teammates are currently located or instantly transport to any room.

Customizations and Special Effects Free Pro

Unlimited Audio

Experience all the ambient sounds and voice audio needed to collaborate in real-time with your teams.


Celebrate a moment with your team, end a working session on a high note, or just cause a fun riot!

Unlimited Images

Personalize your space by dropping and sharing your own images, whether it’s a family pic, a cat, and more!

Unlimited External Link Sharing

Share URLs directly in Tangle so you can collaborate with outside sources (e.g. docs, websites, videos, images, and more).


Leave a Sticky if someone’s out to lunch, capture meeting notes, or just drop a funny comment on someone’s room.


Sound off the airhorn to celebrate important events, hitting a deadline, or just be rowdy with your team.

Security Free Pro

Member Roles

Control who has admin access and rights within your Tangle server.


All network connections are encrypted end to end and all audio and video streams are 256bit AES encrypted.

Support Free Pro

Knowledge Base

Learn how to navigate Tangle with a plethora of tips, tricks, videos, and articles.

Support Center

Get answers to any question that may arise.

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How does the 30 Day Free trial work?

Every new Tangle server starts with a 30-day free trial of Pro. If you opt not to continue your Pro subscription, your server will be set to “Free” at the end of the trial. Worry not! All of your photos, URLs, rooms and other objects will remain!

To continue or start a Pro subscription, simply enter your payment details in the Tangle Admin Dashboard

How long is a billing period?

A billing period is every 30 days.

How does billing work?

On Pro accounts, payment is based on every user who is a Member or Admin on your server. We only charge you when they accept an invite, not when you send it. If a user joins or leaves part way through a billing period, we’ll only charge you for the time they were active.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, it remains active until the end of the billing period which is every 30 days.

If I add a new user in the middle of the month, when will I get billed?

You’ll be billed only for the time they used at the end of the payment period.

How many users can I have in one Tangle?

You can have up to 1000 members of a Tangle server. However, only 50 of those can be signed into Tangle at the same time. At this time, a max of 25 Users can fit inside a single room. Don’t forget you can have multiple Tangle servers if needed for larger teams.

What regions are Tangle available in?

Tangle is available world-wide! However, the text inside of the app is currently only available in English.