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What’s in it for your team?

  • A persistent virtual space where everyone can connect
  • More control over how you show up each day
  • Silly and satisfying features that get teammates engaged
  • Opportunity to contribute to the Tangle product roadmap
Tangle allows us to have the concept of “around, but busy” – so I can sit in my “office” and listen to others talk in the background, and if I want to join the conversation, I can jump in. We’re a fully remote company, and we’ve tried a bunch of these. Tangle is the only one that has stuck.

Callum Underwood
CEO, Robot Teddy

After a year of working remotely, Skymap suffered from a lack of camaraderie we had working at the office. Working online, everyone was compartmentalized; spontaneous ideas and conversations were limited. Within a day of using Tangle, it was the first time in a year we felt like we were in the office together.

Neal Laurenza
CEO, Skymap Games