Be Uniquely You with Avatars
March 21, 2023
Tangle Avatar builder

Let’s face it, having to show your face on camera as well as your environment can be taxing even in the best of circumstances.

The Avatar Advantage

Unlike other Avatar builders, Tangle makes having an Avatar cute and fun, instead of recreating an exact 3D version of yourself. With Avatars you are able to be uniquely you in whichever way you see fit. Whether you want to show up as a pink alien, mimic a favorite TV character or simply add a broadsword to your outfit for the day.

Got new glasses or a stylish new haircut? Easily show it off with your Avatar. With over 500+ customizations (and counting), the possibilities are endless! Plus, with the ability to change your Avatar throughout the day, you can instantly adjust to your mood, change the background to match your location, and more!

Why Avatars Make a Difference

Truth time? We’ve all had bad days where the last thing we wanted to do was appear on camera. Or we’ve had moments where being on camera caused us to not so casually watch ourselves on screen rather than our coworkers talking. With Avatars, you can not only appear prepped and ready for screen time but present yourself to your team how you see fit. This includes setting a comfortable background instead of your home office which may or may not be stacked with coffee mugs. As an Avatar, you’ll find you spend less time stressed about your appearance (including taking that glance at yourself on camera) and more time focused on the conversation happening with your peers. Plus, being in Avatar form helps reduce screen fatigue and allows you to focus on what’s important in your work life.

Avatars Spark Conversation

See the latest Sunday night hit show and want to talk to show off to your coworkers? Be able to change into anyone you want as an Avatar and lead into conversation. By seeing different  Avatars within your server, your team can engage by leaving you Stickies or hopping into your room to have a quick discussion relating to your Avatar.

Tangle Avatar examples in a Room
Having a case of the Mondays and want to show it by changing into Lord Voldemort for the work day? Show it off and spark laughter with your team for a meeting.

Why Being You is Important

At Tangle, we believe representation is important and so is feeling comfortable in your own skin (whether that be virtual or IRL). By showing up as uniquely you, no matter how that might appear, it makes for a better working environment. Plus, it adds that fun element that helps make virtual meetings more engaging. So whether you find your skin tone to be that of the purple variety, your hair wickedly curly, or even a cowboy variant of yourself – you get to be you each and every day with Avatars.

Tangle Tip: Not sure who you want to be? Try our Avatar Randomizer, the dice icon located in the Avatar Builder.

See Avatars in action in this Tangletorial.


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