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March 7, 2023
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This post was written by Alex Schwartz and Cy Wise, co-founders of Tangle.

What’s new!?

Hi ya’ll, Alex and Cy here with some more big news!

In October, we announced that Tangle was opening Early Access. Even better, we also had closed $4M in additional funding, making our total funding over $10M raised. While we gear up for Early Access 3 along with a commercial release later this year, we’re thrilled to tell you who put their trust in us.

Say hello to our friends at Qualcomm Ventures who’s joining March Gaming and Dune Ventures, along with other prominent industry leaders, in the funding round. Their commitment to our vision, especially during a rough patch in the present day economy, will help pave the way for us to continue reimagining remote work.

Our investors

A closer look at the guest list

New to the team is Sachin Deshpande and our old friends at Qualcomm Ventures at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, who led our Owlchemy Labs Series A round a few years ago. Excited to invest in Tangle, Sachin said:

“The increasingly hybrid and remote world is in need of communication tools that improve collaboration. Tangle’s unique solution enables remote workplaces to feel like physical offices by creating more social and fun interactions.”

And back by popular demand, Louis Gresham and our friends from March Gaming are supporting us once again, who led Tangle’s first seed round. Louis had this to say:

“We could not be more excited to support the visionaries behind Tangle as they grow this innovative virtual hub for hybrid and remote employees. Our conviction that Tangle changes the game for virtual presence at work has only grown.”

Not to mention, there’s even more folks being added to the party. Additional individual investors who contributed include industry leaders and executives from the likes of Unity, Apple, Microsoft, Redfin, and Roblox. Check out the entire group of advisors and investors.

Investors and advisors

Fewer meetings, faster decisions in Tangle

We set out to build a platform from the ground up that prioritizes culture, connectedness, and human beings, while empowering employees to experience social cues and show up as themselves. Basically, we want to create a more sustainable remote work environment that folks actually want to spend time in. At least that’s the plan, and if we happen to upend the current remote work culture of back-to-back video meetings and endless notifications, then that’s just gravy.

After hand selecting Early Access customers, we’re happy to say they’ve been experiencing fewer meetings, less miscommunications, and faster decisions. All the makings that stir the kind of creative sparks you would expect in face-to-face interactions. For example, one Early Access customer experienced up to a 50% decrease in meetings, while another indicated they were able to make decisions up to 75% faster. Essentials for a more sustainable work environment and greater employee retention.

Darnell Lysius-Dicette, CEO and Project Manager at Ocean Mouse Studio’s, had a veritable plethora of compliments:

“Forged during the pandemic, Ocean Mouse had to learn from the start how best to navigate remote work. Creating a human connection through a screen has its limitations. Once we integrated Tangle as the central hub for our remote work environment, it helped breakdown any communication barriers, enabling us to share more ideas, faster. The platform makes meetings feel less like ‘meetings’, and more like hanging out. By hopping in and out of rooms in real-time, watching teammates get a laugh out of their wackiest avatar, and personalizing our space with images and other designs, team engagement increased across the board. Tangle is absolutely amazing!”

A look around the corner

As we continue incorporating customer feedback, we’re quickly closing in on Early Access 3. With it comes a wave (fingies pun intended) of updated features and new UI/UX. Here’s a sample of what’s to come.

  • Features:
    • Directory: save time by quickly finding your way around your Tangle Server without having to scroll
    • URL Embedding: collaborate more efficiently by sharing outside links directly in your Tangle Server
  • UI/UX
    • Avatars: be uniquely you with over 500+ customization options (and counting)
    • Rooms: experience faster navigation inside busy environments by creating Tangle servers that are easier to “read” at a glance
    • User Panels: streamline communications by discovering new icons and enhancements such as local times that appear over teammates names (so you can get an answer from a distributed teammate before they head out for Happy Hour)
    • Stickies: have fun with the same old sticky notes you know and love that now come in shades other than Pepto-Pink

How to use stickies

How do I get into this party?

To start experiencing our ‘office on a canvas,’ check out the Tangle website and sign up for Early Access. There ya’ll can learn more about adjustable ambient audio, avatar customizations, and rich team interactions such as sending hearts and confetti to a teammate for a job well done. Be sure to watch the quick explainer video and see how Tangle brings teams together no matter how, or where, they choose to work. Stay tuned for more!

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