Level Up Your Virtual Office with Tangle: Tips for Maximizing Team Engagement

May 3, 2023

Are you looking to power up your virtual office and boost your team’s engagement? It’s a breeze with Tangle. With our drag-and-drop customizable rooms, and 2D canvas-based layout, Tangle is the ultimate platform for remote work teams. Here are three ways to level up your remote team using Tangle.

The Cluster Creatives

With Tangle’s canvas-based layout, the sky’s the limit for your team’s creativity! Encourage them to flex their creative muscles by designing fun art and images, coming up with innovative ways to use sticky notes, or even building their own “Joke Dungeon” for some much-needed levity.

Maximize your remote team engagement in TangleIndividuals within Tangle are also encouraged to decorate their own Homerooms, allowing them to show off their creativity.

Maximize your remote team engagement by creating fun Tangle avatars

The Tactical Team

If you prefer a more organized approach, Tangle’s drag-and-drop feature allows you to customize your team’s virtual office to suit your needs. Create side rooms for meeting points, designated rooms for specific teams or even cluster teams together to make use of environmental volume.  Use Tangle’s customizable rooms to plan what best works to help keep your team organized and make it easy to collaborate with your team in real-time.Maximize your remote team engagement in Tangle

A Room for Every Team

For those who want a virtual office that can handle anything, Tangle has got you covered! Create unlimited rooms that you need, from sprint planning rooms to team huddles to virtual happy hours. With Tangle, there are no limits to what your team can accomplish.

Maximize your remote team engagement with fun avatars in Tangle

It’s time to level up your virtual office with Tangle! No matter what kind of virtual office experience you’re looking for, Tangle can help you achieve it. We’d love to see how you’re using Tangle to level up your team’s engagement and productivity! Share your virtual office with us on social media using #WorkinTangle, and we’ll comment on how epic your setup looks.

TANGLE TIP: Quickly find any specific room by using Tangle’s Directory feature. Simply click on the Directory icon in the top right of your Tangle server, then locate the Rooms drop-down menu.

To return to your Homeroom from any room, simply press “H”.

Learn more about our Avatars and how they can improve your company culture.


By Lacey

Customer Engagement Manager

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