UNLOCKED: Early Access 3 Arrives with New Features!

March 28, 2023
Tangle room with avatars and video

With General Availability right around the corner, we are adding more features to streamline your workflow and make real time collaboration in remote work settings even easier. We continued to incorporate customer feedback, and Early Access 3 has a wave (fingies pun intended) of updated features and new UI/UX. Features such as URL Embedding, Directory and even upgraded Stickies are ready for you to try. Take a peek at a few shiny new features below and how you can make the most of them.

Rooms and User Panels are, well, even more Pretty!

The first and most evident update is the new UI for Rooms. This update gives Lobby, Home, and Public rooms unique appearances and better indicates when Rooms are open or closed. All of this enables faster navigation inside busy environments by creating Tangle servers that are easier to differentiate at a glance.

Now, with User Panels, you can streamline communications by discovering new icons and enhancements such as local times that appear over teammates names (so you can get an answer from a distributed teammate before they head out for the day).

URL Embedding – Sharing links internally to your team

You can now use URL Embedding directly on your server that makes collaboration even easier. To share a link, you can either drag and drop the link icon from your Object Toolbar or paste directly on the server using shortcut keys CTRL + V.

URL Embedding is great for:

  • Reviewing internal links with teammates (shared drives, docs, sheets, etc)
  • Sharing external videos (training materials, funny videos, YouTube, etc) for real time collaboration and efficiency
  • Viewing internal/production website links before pushing live, external sites and articles that may interest your team.
  • And more!

Learn more about URL Embedding.

Transport anywhere with the Directory

Told a dad joke and now need to remove yourself and be sent off to the joke dungeon? Quickly find it within your Tangle Directory. The Directory makes navigating through your Tangle server seamless. Quickly navigate to a room, a user’s homeroom or find a user anywhere within the server by accessing the directory to the top left of your server screen.

No more Pepto pink Stickies

Okay, maybe we still offer that classic Pepto pink color BUT we are happy to say Stickies are now available in a variety of colors helping set the mood for your work day. Use Stickies to send a reminder, drop a nice note to your teammate, keep track of your schedule, and more!
Various stickies in TangleTangle Tip: Did you know you can see who last edited a Sticky by peering at the bottom left corner? Check out more on Stickies with our Zendesk article.

Many more updates on the horizon

We are continuing to reimagine remote work culture by adding more updates and looking for more creative ways for users to engage with their team. Be sure to read our full release report which includes some UX/UI update announcements, bug fixes recap, and what we have planned to come.

To update your current Tangle, go to our downloads page.

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By scottstephan@absurdjoy.com

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