Tangle Lets You Choose Your Own Adventure at Work

February 22, 2023
Tangle, an office on a canvas

Remember those Goosebumps stories where you could decide which path the story can take just by making a choice as to which page to turn to? We believe Tangle is a lot like that, minus all the scary stuff you may find when you turn the page. With Tangle, you get the opportunity to be uniquely you each and every day. Whether that be…

  • Representing your human self with your camera on, or as your most captivating Avatar self.
  • Dropping a sticky note letting a teammate know you’ll be out for a few hours or hopping into their room to discuss a topic in person.
  • Showcasing a picture of your cat next to your room or leaving a funny meme for your team to laugh at.

YOU are in control of your story here.

Showcase Your Personality & Space with Avatars

Avatars allow you to not only express yourself but also lets you control the background of your environment. Have a messy room or a bad hair day? Let your Avatar shine for you. Leaving all that stress of interacting with your team when you aren’t feeling your best to hang by the waist side. Work shouldn’t have to be stressful and with over 500+ unique Avatar customizations (and still counting), you can enjoy your space in a way that makes sense for you.Not only do Tangle Avatars blink, but they also move their mouths (Flappies) when you are off mute. Flappies allow you to engage with your team like you would if you were on camera yourself. This keeps the Avatars feeling more authentic and less stagnant.

Celebrate Your Wins with Special Effects

While we think working virtually is amazing, not being able to celebrate or high-five with your team can sometimes feel lonely. So we thought, why not be extra about it with confetti and air horns? Sure it may not be a high five, but having your team celebrate you with a big explosion of excitement sure feels good. If you are still chasing that high five feeling though, make use of your Fingies to your team!

Full team in Tangle

Create Swivel Chair Moments With Open Doors

While Tangle is a 2D Canvas Based server, we like to draw inspiration from a few in office elements we used to love like Open Doors. Having an Open Door environment lets your teammates know you are available to chat and also always allows them to do a quick pop in. Plus, having Environmental Sounds gives you that office life feel some of us may be missing. In Tangle, if you have an Open Door, you can hear other members who have their doors open and are unmuted. This provides nice background sounds for those that enjoy that aspect when they are working.

Enter into rooms

On the flip side, if you need to concentrate on that next big idea, finishing drafting a blog post (dare I say I may be going meta here) or have a private conversation with one of your colleagues, you have the ability to close your door. Closed Doors give you that needed privacy to shut out the work hustle and bustle without feeling lonely. Plus, if someone needs you or wants to pop in they can still knock and you have the option on whether you want to let them in or not.

It Takes a Team to Tangle

Work from home life is a thrilling adventure but sometimes can come with loneliness. We like to think of Tangle as a multiplayer game as it takes a team to Tangle. Utilizing growing technology should make work from home life not only easier, but more human. Engaging with your team whether you be a world apart or in the same city should be easy, and dare we say fun.

Alex in Tangle

Here at Tangle, we embrace working remotely so much that we cultivated our culture around it. Finding ways to connect, check in, and be adaptable to each and every person near and far. A weekly coffee chat or gaming meetup can go a long way, utilizing AI to still feel personable with mouth flappies can take the stress out of being on camera, and learning how best different teams work given flexible operating hours helps boost morale.

Find out more about the Tangle work culture from the lens of our COO Cy Wise.

By Lacey

Customer Engagement Manager

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