Using Tech to Recreate what we Miss from Office Life, but in the Comfort of Your PJs

May 3, 2023
Tangle space

While no one can really refute how insanely more comfortable sweat pants are to dress pants, there are some things we may miss about venturing to a physical office. At the top of the list of things most missed is the natural interaction we found with people being present. As technology has advanced allowing us to virtually see a coworker or friend from miles away, that natural turn or “swivel chair” to our comrades is still greatly missed. At Tangle, we took note of that. Which is why we’re recreating what people missed most about the office, like having open doors, environmental sounds, and the ability to hop into your teammates room to get the creative juices flowing.

What are Swivel Chair Moments in Tangle?

Recreating what we miss from the Office by hopping into a Tangle Room

Much like in an office setting, Tangle’s rooms have the ability to open or close doors. Closed Doors allow the person to not only speak privately if needed, but also have focus time and cut out any environmental sounds happening in Tangle. With an Open Door, you can overhear conversations (with environmental sound on) and easily jump into a room, allowing real time swivel chair moments to happen. Oh, you just heard your name in reference to a question someone needs to follow up with you later? No need to wait, you can simply drop a Sticky on the room answering the question without dragging into another meeting OR even join the room for a quick impromptu discussion.

Creating Water Cooler Discussions with Avatars

Miss that thrill of arriving Monday morning to deeply examine the subplot of the latest HBO series? This is something that can be lost easily in a remote work environment, which is why with Tangle you can customize avatars in any form to create those moments without being overtly pushy.

Recreating what we miss from the Office by having fun making a Tangle avatar

Take for instance you just finished your annual Breaking Bad rewatch and want to be able to chat with your teammates about it who’ve watched the show without making a fuss. Recreating a Walter White that can be seen throughout the server is the perfect opening to do so, allowing your teammates to drop stickies of appreciation, share a cool film theory video about Breaking Bad or even hop into your room to chat. Imagine the infinite possibilities of characters you could recreate.

Making Collaboration Happen in Real Time

Open Doors, Environmental Sound and Avatars are great uses to fill that hole of things we miss in the office. Let’s not forget about real time collaboration that often doesn’t happen joining transactional video calls or meetings constantly. While in Tangle, tools like Stickies, URL Embedding, and Screen Sharing enable you to easily collaborate in real time.


So what are you waiting for? Get to Tanglin’ with your team and permanently swap out those tight-fitting dress slacks for sweats all while still enjoying the comforts of a physical office.

By Lacey

Customer Engagement Manager

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