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May 16, 2023
Alex waving in Tangle

This post was written by Alex Schwartz and Cy Wise, co-founders of Tangle.

Pop open the champagne!

Hi ya’ll, Alex and Cy here once again, and we’re super stoked to share some fantastic news with you.

It feels just like yesterday when we announced Early Access in October, and wow, have we been holding on to the rocket ship ever since! Shortly after releasing Early Access, we also announced the closing of an additional +$4M in funding, totaling over $10M, and our friends at Qualcomm Ventures joined March Gaming and Dune Ventures in the investor party. And we didn’t stop there, with Early Access 3 rolling out in the Spring containing a slew of new features.

And now, without further ado, we’re ecstatic to unveil…drum roll please…We have now officially launched General Access!

What does this mean for you? Simply put, Tangle is now available for the masses! No need for special permission—just head to Tangle and sign up for the free trial to get the full office on a canvas experience.Tangle canvas concept

Building the building blocks

You might recall that Tangle was created by somewhat of an accident, following in the footsteps of Unity, Slack, and Discord. Initially setting out to build video games, we experienced the daily headaches of current remote work tooling—the mind-jarring text messages, isolated silos, and back-to-back meetings that left everyone feeling drained.

With our experience behind Job Simulator, and supported by an incredible team of veterans from the games and SaaS industries, we ended up stumbling upon the building blocks of a tech platform. Building blocks that fixes the daily headaches and creates a more enjoyable, connected, and equitable way to work. If you’re curious about the full Tangle story, then check out our blog!

Better connections, happier humans

Setting out to reimagine remote communication and challenge the notions set by other platforms, we prioritize culture, connectedness, and the human element. You can see how in this video, or don’t take our word for it, see what Chet Kittleson, FarHomes CEO had to say…

Whether it’s hopping into an open room to have a casual conversation, or knocking on the door of someone who’s heads down, Tangle creates the feeling of connectedness in remote work while eliminating countless hours spent in meetings. Tangle’s interactive functionality, loaded with sending hearts or sounding an airhorn for a job well done, helps foster better team collaboration and creativity.”

With joy at the heart of it all, we focus on taking what people missed the most from the office…the human collaboration and sense of togetherness, rather than trying to recreate a bland, empty feeling representation of a 3D virtual office. And in doing so, our Early Access testers have definitely benefited:

  • Overhearing office chatter creates a sense of presence, leading to faster decisions. One tester experienced up to 75% faster decisions—talk about swivel chair moments!
  • People can easily hop in and out of rooms instead of scheduling meetings or sending a jarring Slack message. Clear your calendars, because another tester experienced up to 50% fewer meetings!
  • Screen fatigue is real, and not everyone needs their camera on all the time. Our data shows that Avatars are on 76% of the time, with the remaining 24% a mix of video or screenshare. And we’re not talking about trying to recreate a 3D representation of yourself. Instead, our Avatars are interactive and playful, filling the workplace with more joy!
  • And my oh my, how people are engaging. To date, Tangle has hosted more than 13 million minutes of conversations to date, a 2.6x increase from August 2022.

Team of Avatars in Tangle

Let’s get this party started

We’re heck’in excited to innovate in this space and help make remote work a more enjoyable place to connect. Tangle brings teams together with adjustable ambient audio, the option to show up on camera or as a customizable avatar, joyful design within an endless canvas space, and rich team interactions like sending hearts and confetti to celebrate a job well done. Discover how much better remote work can be with Tangle as your virtual hub where your team will meet, work, and connect every…single…day.

Sign up for Tangle for free today!

Let’s Tangle!

– Alex and Cy

Alex and Cy wave and confetti

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