Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions?…We have answers! Below you’ll find information about general questions, how to navigate, getting started, and a few technical tips. For questions about pricing please check out our Pricing Page FAQs.

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What is Tangle?

Tangle is a virtual space for teams to connect, collaborate, and have fun. Tangle is creating better connections and happier humans by bringing joy to remote work culture. A central hub for remote communications built from the ground up, Tangle enables customers to grow a thriving remote work culture that teams love. We took the value of the office and reimagined it for remote work culture that enables teams to collaborate, empower, and simplify communications.


What types of teams are right for Tangle?

Reducing Slack, meetings, and screen fatigue, Tangle’s 2D, canvas-based interface allows all types of teams to intuitively collaborate and engage. Whether you are a team of creatives, developers, or sales, we support any industry with a remote-first workforce mindset – Tangle provides a virtual space for any remote team to connect.

Learn more about what you can do in your Tangle Server in this video.

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What’s the difference between Tangle and other video meeting platforms?

While most video meeting software only allows for, well, – video, Tangle’s a virtual hub that lets you share a working space with your teammates in real time. Your team can customize their space in whichever way they see fit. Each Tangler has the opportunity to personalize their Homeroom space with images and stickies, pull in outside links from other tools, and more.

Learn more about what you can create in a Tangle Server in this video playlist.

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Why can I overhear other people in Tangle?

Much like in real life, you can overhear conversations coming from rooms with open doors. This leads to a lot of “swivel chair” moments, the ones where you hear a conversation from across the room and jump in with important info (or the right meme).

The closer you are to different rooms in your Tangle Server, the louder those overheard conversations will be. To control the volume of those conversations you have 4 options. You can:

  • Volume of -or even mute!- all overheard audio. Head to the Control Bar at the bottom of your Tangle Server where your microphone and camera settings appear. On the far right side of your microphone, you’ll see a speaker. Click on the speaker to slide the volume of how much sound you want to hear on your server.
  • Change the position of your room to move away from active conversations by entering Room Edit mode and dragging your room elsewhere.
  • Change the volume of an individual user by hovering over their User Panel and using the volume slider on the left-hand side
  • Shut your door to keep out all the chatter if you choose.

What’s a User Panel?

Your User Panel is the rectangular box in which you appear. It’s the space that lets you shine, on camera or with your Avatar! It’s also what you control when you join other rooms.

  • Your User Panel will show your name in the bottom left hand corner, which allows you to access your Avatar customization panel.
  • The User Panel also contains your status and the Fingies icon.
  • Hovering over someone else’s User Panel gives you a few more features.
    • On the left-side you’ll see a volume slider which controls the volume of that person, just for you.
    • On the lower right-hand side is a Heart icon which allows you to send a heart into that User’s Panel.
    • Finally, hovering over another user’s name will show you the local time in that user’s timezone. Super handy for remote teams who might be all over the world!

Tangle Tip: Stuck in a room and don’t know how to get back to your Homeroom? Simply tap the H key on your keyboard and you are redirected home.

User Panel

What’s a Room?

A Room is where User Panels exist in Tangle. Think of them as places to gather and talk to other Tanglers. Every room has a door which can be open or closed.

  • Open Doors work just like they do in real life- Anything you say or any video in your User Panel can be seen or heard by anyone else in your Tangle Server.
  • For private conversations or some heads-down time, you can close your door by clicking on it. When a door is closed, all of the audio and video is only heard or seen by people in that room. Perfect for when you need some privacy. Closed Doors are visually indicated by the Closed Door icon and the dashed line that appears around the room.

There are 3 types of Rooms in Tangle: The Lobby, Homerooms and Public Rooms.


What’s a Lobby?

The Lobby is the FIRST room on your Tangle Server, located in the center. This is the first place new users will start until they create a Homeroom. As such, Lobby rooms cannot be closed or deleted.

Tangle Tip: Because Lobbies are the first place new users start, a lot of teams like to decorate the area around it with onboarding info, handbooks etc. Use stickies and images to deck out your space.

What’s a Homeroom?

A Homeroom is the Room you appear in when you login to Tangle. It’s your personal space to decorate, work in or invite others to join you in a lively discussion of how Tatooine is never a desirable location to travel to.

Homerooms are unique in that each user gets their own Homeroom. It’ll be the first room a user creates after joining Tangle and arriving in a Tangle. They’re visually indicated by their 4-cornered frame and the “Home” icon in the title. Home room doors can be open or closed.

Learn how to create a Homeroom and more in this video or check out our ZenDesk article.


What’s a Public Room?

A public room is a Room you create from the Tangle toolbar. You can create as many Public Rooms as you wish, for whatever purpose you like – Sprint Planning, Board Game Night or a Lunch Room. Public Rooms can have open or closed doors and can be edited by anyone in the Tangle Server.

Public Room

How do I customize a Room?

With the ability to create any amount of Rooms on your Tangle Server, you may want to consider some decor to set your room apart from the others.

Once you drop a Room from the Objects Tool Bar (located to the right of your screen), you can click on the title of the room to access a color palette icon to enter ‘Edit Mode’. In Edit Mode you can change the title of the room, delete the room with the “Trash Can” icon or change its color with the paint palette. You can also move a room by dragging it around the Tangle Server.

To change the name of the room, double click the name of the room until the text is highlighted and a solid background appears behind the room. Then type in whatever name you see fit, and be as creative as you want!

To add images on or around your Room, go to the Objects Tool Bar, click on or drag the image icon, and drop it where you’d like. Once dropped, a new window will appear for you to select which image to upload from your computer. You may use the cursor to click and move the image into the position you would like.

To add a Sticky near or on your room,click on or drag and drop the Sticky icon from the Objects Tool Bar and type whatever you need. Help your team out by leaving a note to let them know something fun about the room. Or let them know you stopped by when they’re OOO. You could even build a Sticky moat for funsies to keep your enemies at bay.

Learn more about customizing your Tangle server.

What image types are supported in Tangle?

Currently Tangle supports most image types including transparent PNGs and JPEG images inside your server. The only type we don’t support at the moment is an animated gif, since we feel like its a bit busy in a shared server environment.

How do I use Doors?

Every Room on the Tangle server is provided with a door, much like the one back at an office. Simply click the door to open and close it. Open Doors allow others to enter anytime they want as well as overhear chatter if your microphone is on. So if a team meeting is taking place in a room, and you overhear a question that you know the answer to, you can hop in that room and provide real-time feedback. Just like a swivel chair moment as if you were in a physical office.

A Closed Door allows no one to enter or overhear your conversation- It keeps audio & video inside the room. You can close a door after someone or multiple people have entered if you want to keep the conversation private. Or you can close a door if you just need some focus time to get work done or ideate on the next big idea.

Door knocks and entry

How do I enter someone’s room?

You may enter any room with an Open Door on the server. Simply click on the door icon, and BAM, you hop right in!

Tangle Tip: If you are opening a door to the mines of Moria, it’s best you speak ‘Friend’ before entering.

Enter into rooms

What is an Avatar?

Avatars are customizable, animated, cartoon versions of you that show up when your camera is off in Tangle. No stress in needing to worry about a messy room, bad hair, or just plain anxiety for being on camera, with Avatars you control how you show up each day. Tangle Avatars blink, have mouth movements (which we call flappies), and you can even click-and-drag to move them around if you’re feeling fidgety or want to do the wave in a team meeting. You don’t always have to be on video, which we found to be a huge relief on mental health.

Every time you open the Tangle platform, you will be given the choice to customize your Avatar on the Server Select screen. This includes everything from type of hairstyle, skin color, adding a pet to the mix and even reimagining yourself as a favorite video game character. It’s encouraged to be creative and allow your inner imagination to reflect yourself to your teammates.

Tangle Tip: Change your mind on that nifty hat or hairstyle after you’ve logged in? No problemo. If you are in the mood to adjust your Avatar throughout the day, you can do so by simply clicking on your name inside your Tangle User Panel. Once satisfied with your new fit, hit that save button to show the world your Avatar.

Han Solo avatar


How many Avatar customizations are there?

With over 500+ customization options and still counting – Tangle is making it possible for you to be uniquely you in your workspace. Options such as showing up as a green alien, having vampire fangs, and even strapping on broadswords help create the type of Avatar that reflects your personality.

Learn more about all the types of Avatars you can create in Tangle.

Avatar customization

Do I need to create a new Avatar every time I login?

No. Once you create your Avatar it’ll be there every time you login.

How often should I change my Avatar?

As often as you like! YOU are in control of how you appear each day or each hour. Feel like switching your look in the middle of the day to show off those new glasses OR want to add your pet snake Nagini into your User Panel? Maybe you are in the mood to make your Avatar resemble you as close as possible? While another day you want to make your Avatar appear as your favorite Mario Kart character. By all means, you do you! Tangle encourages the use of creativity and flexibility to become whichever version of yourself you want to reflect. Enjoy the flexibility to be uniquely you each and every day.

To change your Avatar while in Tangle, click your name and the Avatar Editor will open. Remember to hit that save button before exiting to keep your look.

Learn more about what you can do with Avatars.

What is a Raised Hand/Fingies and how do I use it?

Raised Hands (AKA Fingies) are a great way to let others know you have something to say in a busy meeting while someone is talking. Your teammates will be able to see your Fingies in your User Panel and take note to call upon you without interrupting the flow of the meeting. Fingies can also be beneficial in waving to your team while you all leave a room.

The hand icon will always appear in the bottom right hand corner of your User Panel. There are 2 easy ways to raise your Fingies:

  • Click and hold the Fingies icon to raise your hand and release when you’re done. Click again to put your hand down.
  • Or use 1-9 on the keyboard to raise your hand. 0 or ~ will put them down. You may use Fingies while in other rooms with your teammates or alone in your Homeroom.

The higher your hand goes the more it moves- So an 8 or 9 is more visible and urgent than a 1 or 2.

Watch how to use Fingies in this video.

Tangle Tip: Fingies are still available to use even when you aren’t in your Avatar state, so if you want to switch that camera on and raise your Fingie to scratch your head, go for it.

What do I use the Heart icon for?

Want to show your love and support to your teammates? A small heart icon appears in the right hand corner of all Tanglers User Panels. Whether to express to your team how excited you are for a project they are doing or show support in a topic they are referring to, Hearts make it easy to feel more connected in a digital space. And remember, you can send a Heart to anyone in your Tangle Server!

Tangle Tip: If you are in a meeting with more than one Tangler, let the person you are showering Hearts with know it’s you by having your Cursor tool activated.


What special effects can I use in Tangle?

A birthday wish, a big sales deal closes, a DnD campaign win, or a big promotion – express it all with special effects! Try out some below.

Confetti – Press Q to shower your team in a confetti explosion.

Airhorn– Need a boost in excitement? Press W to sound that airhorn.

Learn more about all the tools and special features in Tangle. 


What is the purpose of the special effects?

Special Effects lets you engage with your teammates in real time. Celebrating with your team and showering them in excitement is a fun advantage of using Tangle.

Did your teammate just return from maternity leave? Shower them in confetti! Someone just closed a big sale? Blast that airhorn! With Tangle, we believe there are no limits to the moments you can celebrate. We’re all human, and it feels good to show someone that they are a big deal.

Learn more about all the tools and special features in Tangle. 

Can I turn down the volume of others while in a room together?

Yes, if your teammate’s speakers are too loud, not loud enough or has some distracting background noise – you can control the volume you hear by hovering over their User Panel. On the left hand side of their Panel, you’ll see their volume bar, and simply slide up or down to control their volume. Note that this will only change their volume for you, so no worries about muting them for the whole team. Your teammate will not know of you lowering the volume, so don’t fret about them finding out.

Can someone get into my Room when my door is closed?

Nope. Your fellow teammates cannot get in while your door is closed. They can knock though, and YOU can decide whether to let them in…I mean you may have closed your door because you’re working on that next big idea that’ll change the world, so you need some time to focus.

When someone knocks you’ll get a Tangle notification telling you who’s knocking. You’ll have 10 seconds to decide whether to Allow or Deny them entry.

Learn more about Tangle’s Doors. 

Can someone hear my conversations when my door is closed?

No. Your conversations are private with a closed door. However if you choose to keep your mic unmuted and your door open fellow Tanglers can hear it through the Tangle Server.

How can I knock on someone’s door?

Simply click on the Closed Door you want to access. Then, your teammate will hear your knock, get a notification, and decide if they want to open the door or not. Alternatively if you don’t want to enter a room with them, consider leaving a note by dropping a Sticky on or near their room.

Door knocks and entry

What is a Sticky?

Stickies are simply digital post-its you are able to slap anywhere in your Tangle Server. Whether that be on your teammate Kaylee’s door to tell them you like their new Avatar, or next to your User Panel to remind yourself of a task. The possibilities with Stickies are endless.

Tangle Tip: You can also drop a Sticky to your next door teammates if you overhear them asking a question you have the answer to in real time. This allows for more productivity and engagement amongst teams.

Learn more about all the tools and special features in Tangle. 

How can I tell who wrote me a Sticky?

There are no anonymous stickies in Tangle. To discover who left you a note, simply hover over the sticky and spot the “i” in the bottom left hand corner. You’ll see the user name of the last person who edited that sticky.

Han Solo avatar

What is the purpose of being able to edit your name every time you login?

Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to distinguish a different persona each day, or maybe even a nickname. In Tangle, you have the ability to be flexible with how you show up to work, so have fun with it!

Learn more about how you can show up for work each day with Tangle.

How to Screenshare?

Locate your Toolbar at the bottom of your screen. Once there you will see the screenshare icon.

Screenshare icon

Just click that button and begin screen sharing within your User Panel. This can be done alone in your Homeroom or in any other room with others.

How to use my Cursor tool?

Make your Avatar dance with delight, move around images and show your teammates where you are pointing to a share screen doc. The Shared Cursor tool can do all of that and more. Easily switch to the cursor tool by clicking the arrow on the bottom right hand sign or using the shortcut key C.

Tangle Tip: Let your teammate know who is showering them with love, have the cursor tool activated when sending hearts their way!

How to invite a new user to Tangle?

First, access the Tangle admin portal. Once you login you’ll see all the Tangle servers you are a part of. Click the server you would like to access and you will be redirected to the admin panel. Near the bottom of the panel you will see Manage Memberships, and from there in the upper left corner you will find the Invites button. Enter the email address of the person you would like to invite and send.

How do I create a Room?

It’s as easy as clicking on or dragging the home icon with the plus symbol on the Objects Toolbar located on the right hand side of your Tangle Server. If this is your first time logging into Tangle Server, the first room you create will default to your Homeroom. Choose any place in your Tangle to drop your room- Just not on top of someone else’s room!

You have the ability to create various rooms that can be used for things such as meetings, lunch tables or just a hangout spot for gaming with the office muggles.

Learn more about all the ways your team can utilize rooms in this video or check out our ZenDesk article on rooms.

Are there shortcut keys for navigation?

Yes! Tangle has many shortcut keys not only for navigation but also celebration. Check the quick guide below or learn more about the shortcut keys in this video.

H – Home takes you back to your Homeroom from anywhere in your Tangle Server.

F – Focus shows the full Tangle server space or zeros in on just you in whichever room you are currently occupying.

S – Set your status instantly and let your team know what’s up. Clear status holding shift + S

Q – Let’s you celebrate using confetti

W – Sounds an airhorn

You can toggle audio mute with M and video mute with V

Have a question? Or just want to wave to a friend? You can get someone’s attention with fingies. Every person is different, some quieter than others. We want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, so you can use 1-9 to control the level of urgency (1 being not super urgent and 9 being “ooo, ooo, I have a question and can barely keep it in), while clearing out using 0 or ~.


To Zoom in, either use the Scroll wheel or click CTRL + plus (CTRL+) and to Zoom out, do the same with the Scroll wheel or click CTRL + minus- (CTRL-)

For environment volume, the volume of overheard conversations, lower it by pressing Ctrl + [ , and raise it with Ctrl + ]

Find out more with our Quick Tools Guide.

How do I control environmental sounds?

At the bottom of your Tangle Server (where your microphone and camera options are) on your Control Bar, you’ll see a small speaker that controls the environmental volume. Click on the speaker to drag the volume down or up.

Or you can shut your door to keep the chatter out.

Tangle Tip: Always like peace and quiet? Consider moving your room farther away from your teammates, then you can keep your door open without all the chatter rushing in.

Environmental volume

What should I do when my Tangle is out of date?

Tangle should automatically update but incase you are seeing a Toasty (or a pop up message) when logging into your Tangle head over to our downloads page