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Opening the door to a new era

Step 1

Try Tangle Now

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Step 2

Get your team’s attention

You know your team best, so we put together a few outreach options to choose from.

How to

If they’re all about Slack
Send them this GIF

How to

If they like to keep it professional
Send this email

How to

If they’re stuck in 2005
Poke them on Facebook

How to

If they’re a statistical anomaly
Pick up the phone!

Step 3

Once you’ve got their attention, tell them about the good stuff


Spatial audio lets you talk to teammates and overhear conversations around you.

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Unlimited virtual rooms make it easy to connect with teammates and bring great work to life.

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Personalized avatars and customizable personal spaces encourage individuality and imagination.

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Human-centered design and features make team engagement more meaningful and enjoyable.

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