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Our Tangle story

Remote teams often struggle to grow culture, not productivity. Instead of another productivity tool, we need to build the foundation for a happy, healthy team culture – even from a distance.

Tangle Features

Lead with culture, and productivity will follow.

How Tangle builds stronger, more sustainable remote team cultures

Multiple Rooms Connected

Persistent collaboration space

Everyone works in the same customizable virtual space, kind of like the office.

Waving Character

Off-camera presence

Custom avatars give you a dynamic presence and personality, even off camera.

Messages ring

On-the-fly conversations

Chat with teammates around you any time, without having to hop into a meeting.


Surprisingly fun features

Fingies, avatar reactions, airhorns, Joke Dungeon, and more! See all features.

Social Connection

Social connection

Spend less time working in a silo or in meetings, giving you more time to interact with your team.

Comfort Control

Comfort and control

Move your room, adjust volume, or open/close your door to control how you show up each day.

How Tangle Stacks Up

What if I like working on my own?

We totally get that! We designed Tangle for all levels of social interaction and work preferences – from Chatty McChatterson to Don’t-Talk-to-Me-I’m-in-the-Zone. If you want to work next to a buddy and chat while you work, you can. But if you prefer to work quietly on your own, simply turn down the overall volume of Tangle or close the door to your personal room.

Will people still work hard if they’re having fun?

Having fun at work is a HUGE part of healthy, happy team culture. And great team culture leads to great productivity. So if we can make your remote work even 1% more enjoyable, we’re confident the work will be better than ever.

How will I know what my teammates actually look like?

Our customers love our custom avatars, but we know there’s still a place for face-to-face, on-camera conversations. You can easily toggle your camera between digital you and real you.

How is Tangle meant to be used?

That’s really up to you! Some people like to use it all day every day, some use it just for core hours, and some teams like to reserve it for Hangout Fridays.

What happens when I log out?

Nothing! Your stuff in your space (stickies, docs, pictures, everything) stays right where you left it, ready and waiting for your return.

How much does Tangle cost?

Check out the pricing page for full details on the Free and Pro versions.

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