Tangle vs
the office

There were things we loved about the office, but remote work is here to stay. If remote teams are really going to thrive, they need a solution built specifically for them.


We reimagined office culture for fully remote teams.

What you get in Tangle that you don’t typically find at the office…

Work from anywhere

Tangle from the beach, in a cafe, or down in your parents’ basement.

Shorter commutes

Move between your room and meeting rooms with a single click.

Flexible dress code

Customize your avatar to look as much like you (or not) as you like.

No cubicles

Enjoy your very own personal office with a door you can open or close anytime. Hear a knock at the door? Let your teammates in with a single click.

No assigned seating

Move your personal room whenever and wherever you want.

Serious square footage

Spread your team out across Tangle’s expansive canvas, with room to grow.

How Tangle Stacks Up

Is there a water cooler?

Yes! You can designate rooms to just hang out and chat, just like a water cooler. Unlike third-party meetings, Tangle rooms are persistent, so they’ll stick around ready for you and your teammates to use whenever you’d like. 

How can we celebrate birthdays?

Sneakily set up a birthday banner over someone’s room after they leave for the day. Or, throw confetti when they join the team meeting!

Do I have to work next to my noisy neighbor?

Nope! You can move your Room wherever you’d like in Tangle- The farther away you are, the less you’ll hear them. And if it’s the noise you’re worried about, you can turn down the volume of overheard audio (or of any user) anytime.

Is every day casual Friday in Tangle?

Sort of. You can dress your avatar up or down to match your unique style! Whether you prefer bow ties or hoodies, plants or swords, you decide how you show up.

Is there coffee on tap?

Add a coffee mug next to your avatar or in the background to let your team know you’re still waking up! Unfortunately, we haven’t yet built in the virtual-coffee-to-actual-coffee functionality yet. But it’s on our roadmap.

Aren’t avatars kind of impersonal?

With optional camera tracking for head movement and a range of emotive expressions, Avatars give you a distinct presence and personality online. And heck, if you really want – you can always turn on that webcam.

How much does Tangle cost?

Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Tangle is 100% free for you and your team during our Early Access period. So get in while you can!

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