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Our Tangle story

Video chat tools enable productivity, but teams still struggle to stay engaged. And when the call ends, everything you collaborated on disappears. To really maximize creativity and collaboration, remote teams need a persistent, more enjoyable way to connect.

Tangle Features

Tangle puts the joy in joining meetings.

What makes video chat in
Tangle different?

No meetings links

No meeting links

Meet with teammates directly in Tangle, without using a third-party tool.

Open and closed doors

Rooms with doors

Open door meetings allow you to see who’s meeting, and even listen in. But doors can be closed with a single click, creating privacy when you need it.

Toggle Rooms

Persistent rooms

Once created, meeting rooms stay (notes and all), ready and waiting for your return.

Waving Character

Sweet custom avatars

Custom avatars give you a dynamic presence and personality, even off camera.


Surprisingly fun features

Fingies, avatar reactions, confetti, Joke Dungeon, and more! See all features.

Multiple Rooms

One-click wonders

Easily move from your personal room to meeting rooms in just one click.

How Tangle Stacks Up

Will people still work hard if they’re having fun?

Having fun at work is a HUGE part of healthy, happy team culture. And great team culture leads to great productivity. So if we can make your remote work even 1% more enjoyable, we’re confident the work will be better than ever.

Does Tangle get crowded with meeting rooms?

Sure! With Tangle’s expandable virtual space, you’ll always have the room to grow. Plus, cleaning up Tangle is actually a very satisfying experience for the Type A crowd.

Can people really listen in to meetings?

If your door is open, yes! Sometimes the best “Aha!”, swivel chair moments happen from overhearing other conversations. But privacy is also key. Simply close the door to a room to keep your audio and video inside.

Aren’t avatars kind of impersonal?

With optional camera tracking for head movement and a range of emotive expressions, Avatars give you a distinct presence and personality online. And heck, if you really want – you can always turn on that webcam.

What happens when I log out?

Nothing! Your stuff in your space (stickies, docs, pictures, everything) stays right where you left it, ready and waiting for your return.

How much does Tangle cost?

Tangle’s currently free for an extended period of time. Try Tangle now!

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