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Say hello to the
virtual you

Tangle avatars are sophisticated and incredibly customizable. They give you the presence and representation you need to show up and do your best work each day, even off camera.


Create your unique avatar with 25 different attributes – colors, t-shirts, wrinkles, swords, bow ties, wings! The opportunities are endless.

Avatar Reactions (In Development)

Bring your avatar to life even more with reactions like heart eyes, star eyes, sad face, crying laughing, and more!

Avatar Movement

Optional camera-tracking (still in development) translates your natural head motion to your avatar, giving you even more presence on screen. In the here and now, you can drag your Avatar around and interact with others by simulating nodding, jumping up and down, or mimicking your latest dance moves.


Let your team know your status, from stepping away to grab a coffee to heads down and in the zone.


Add energy to your meetings

It can be hard to stay engaged on video calls. Go beyond screen sharing and make them more fun and interactive with features you never knew you needed.


Raise your hand with the correct degree of urgency, from a polite “Excuse me” to an all-out “I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!”

Tangle Features


Send a stream of hearts to show your support or approval, without interrupting the meeting.

Socializing with teammates in Tangle Rooms


Reward a particularly awesome moment with confetti, or sound an air horn!

Tangle Features

Room Borders (In development)

Someone tell a bad (or gut-busting) dad joke or an over the top pun? Excuse yourself or your sassy teammate to the Joke Dungeon, or commend a teammate for niceness by sending them to Nice Town.

Tangle Features

More Features

Surprisingly effortless communication

Collaborate with your team as quickly and seamlessly as you would in an office.



Choose your background and decorate your room with images, pet photos, and more to reflect your unique personality.

Open and closed doors

Open/Closed Doors

Open your door to talk with teammates or listen in on meetings. Close your door for complete privacy. All with just one click!

Spatial audio

Spatial Audio

Adjust the volume on overheard audio to listen in to team chatter or enter your own cone of silence.



Post notes in real-time (including emojis) in and around your room.

Smart URL

Link Sharing

Paste a URL into Tangle and watch it transform into a smart page preview. Embedding your Figma, Google Doc, or cute cat meme has never been easier.

Rooms for all occasions

Rooms for All Occasions

Create rooms for everything from sprint planning to playing video games.


Tangle is fun, but it’s also secure

In Tangle, all network connections are encrypted end to end and all audio and video streams are 256bit AES encrypted. We’ve prioritized building a secure platform where you can trust that private conversations stay private.