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We believe productivity is the natural outcome of feeling connected to your team and their work. Tangle exists
to help you feel safe to show up, empowered to engage, and excited to do great work together.

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Tangle makes remote work a little more human and a lot more fun

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Tangle isn’t a meeting app (the world has enough of those!)
It’s an always-on virtual space where your team can connect and collaborate.

In Tangle, you’re represented by an avatar, but you can always turn your camera on too

Experiment with hundreds of different types of face shapes, hairstyles, clothing options and more to create your unique work alter ego. You can even add an eyepatch and a sword.

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You have your own space, and so does everyone on your team

Stake out your own space in your team’s Tangle, and make it your own! Decorate with banners, memes, or your child’s artwork to give it some flair. Post documents or links to keep track of top priority items. And maintain complete control over the comfort and privacy of your space by keeping your door open or closed. When you log out, your stuff stays in place, ready to welcome you back next time.


You can talk to teammates and listen in on live collaboration

In Tangle, you get swivel chair moments. You know, those times where you hear someone talking about what you’re working on, and it triggers a conversation! Tangle’s spatial audio mimics real rooms. If doors are open, you can overhear conversations your teammates are having. And, if their conversation is really interesting, you can join them with one click!

You can meet with people just like you can in an office

No, you don’t need to hop into a third-party link. Host your meetings, including audio, video, and screen share, directly in Tangle. Make meetings as private as you’d like with doors open or closed.

Door closed
With your door closed, your audio stays in the room, but teammates can still see your avatar. Leave it open to let the whole team hear and collaborate!

That was just the highlights. Want to learn more?

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Why do we care so much
about culture?

Without a healthy workplace culture, work is just… work. And that doesn’t work for us. There is joy in social connection and collaboration, even when fully remote. We believe that joy is the key to our success (and yours).
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