Why culture matters
more than some think

A whopping 67% of leaders and employees believe company culture is
more important than strategy or operations. We couldn’t agree more!

Remote work has come a long, long way. But it’s not perfect.

Many of today’s remote work tools were built pre-pandemic, designed to connect a handful of remote individuals to an on-premise team. Now, with entire teams working remotely or partially-remotely, we’re hearing concerns from organizations and employees alike: “We can get the work done, but can our company culture survive?”

  • Remote tools feel impersonal
  • Collaboration is difficult & context is lost
  • Not everyone is engaged online
  • Teams are building culture in a void

There’s no shortage of productivity tools out there.

It’s time to give team culture a boost!

Why culture matters

When you do, you create a ripple effect…

  • Greater engagement
  • Better job satisfaction
  • Happier teams
  • Less turnover
  • More productivity
  • Higher revenue
  • Easier talent acquisition
  • Faster company growth

We created Tangle to empower remote teams to build healthy and sustainable team cultures

Remote work is a form of economic equity. Folks should be able to work in communities where they feel supported and happy and safe. We use Tangle every single day as a fully remote team, so this isn’t conceptual to us. We’re building it as much to support the success of our team as yours.
Scott Stephan

Scott Stephan
Tangle VP of Product

As a People Operations professional, I have seen teams struggle with connecting. And there has been a missing link to better connect remote teams with what is currently out in the market. Tangle allows teams to feel connected, to have reminders of co-working, and offers some of the fun office “features”.
Kendra Wilson

Kendra Wilson
Tangle People Operations

Before we could help other companies build team culture, we first had to build our own.

Our Culture Our Story

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a lot to say about culture…